Electric Ear Cleaner

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Professional electric removal of earwax, fast absorption of the ear dirt, inhalation of dirt into the machine at the same time

How To Use:

After opening the switch, place the ear tip horizontally in the ear


Material: ABS

Size: approx. 2.5cm x 13 cm (diameter x length)

Color optional: blue, red, green

Battery: 1x AAA(NOT Included)

Designed by 2.5cm elastic material, protect the ear, will not damage the eardrum, safe, and reliable.

Configuration of two soft head, easy to clean, and replace.

A:CJBJMRAM00005-default and CJBJMRAM00056-red

B:CJBJMRAM00005-default and CJBJMRAM00056-blue

C: CJBJMRAM00005-default and CJBJMRAM00056-Green

Package Content

1x Electric ear cleaner

1x Brush

2x Replacement heads


Additional Information

Weight 0.37 kg
Dimensions 180 × 230 × 50 cm

1blue 4green, 1blue 4red, 2PC Blue, 2blue 1red 2green, 2blue 2red 1green, 2blue 3green, 2blue 3red, 2green 2red 1blue, 3blue 1red 1green, 3blue 2green, 3blue 2red, 3green 1red 1blue, 3green 2red, 3pcs blue, 3pcs green, 3pcs red, 3red 1green 1blue, 3red 2green, 4green 1red, 4red 1green, 5pcs blue, 5pcs green, 5pcs red, A, B, Blue, Blue 2green, Blue 2red, Blue red green, C, Green, Green 2blue, Green 2red, Green 4blue, Red, Red 2blue, Red 2green, Red 4blue, Special Blue


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